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Come and join Esmeralda on her adventures...

The Little Witch 
Who Wanted
To Be Good

Welcome Readies!

The Story

The Story

The Little Witch Who Wanted To Be Good tells the story of a little witch called Esmeralda who lives with her aunts in the forest.


Rather than turning milk sour and casting spells however she wants to join the Readies and do good. The book with its colourful, quirky illustrations, humour and irony can be enjoyed with pleasure by all ages.   

The book is aimed for children aged 6-8 years. Is a great tool for education and contains a glossary of "Wonder Words" to encourage children to learn and expand their vocabulary. 

Esmeralda and the Readies is the latest in the adventures of Esmeralda, the Little Witch Who Wanted to Be Good.


In this book Esmeralda and her friends face new challenges as they try to help others and do good deeds, much to the annoyance of Aunts Hepzibah and Agatha.


The bumper book (100+ pages) with colourful, quirky illustrations can be enjoyed with pleasure by all ages!



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Be A Readie

Esmeralda meeting clare and angela

Do you want to be a Readie like Esmeralda and her friends in the story and do good?


You can begin now:



- make your mum a cup of tea when she is tired or help with the washing up



- share your sweets in the playground or stick up for someone who is being bullied



- Run an errand for someone who is housebound or draw a card for someone who is sick



- Write and tell us about your good deeds and what you have done to make others happy and help start a movement of goodness and kindness in the community.



If you contact us we can also supply special ladybird stickers, the symbol of the Readies, to keep a track of your good deeds. When you have reached a 100 then you are proper Readie! 

Readies Club Blog

For latest news and top tips from the author of The Little Witch Who Wanted To Be Good!

Meet The Character

Meet The Characters

Esmeralda in readie uniform.jpg


Esmeralda is an orphaned witch who lives with her aunts. She doesn't want to do nasty spells but to be good and help people. She becomes a Readie.


Aunt Agatha

Aunt Agatha is Esmeralda's older aunt. She is always grumbling and wishing that Esmeralda would show more interest in doing nasty spells.

Gets expelled - Smiling angela and clare

Clare and Angela

Clare and Angela are members of the local village Readies' troop. They become her friends and invite Esmeralda to become a Readie.

Sam the alligator.jpg

Sam The Alligator

Sam, the alligator is Aunt Hepzibah's pet. He came from the Amazon and lives in the lily pond at the bottom of the garden.

Aunt Hepzibah

Aunt hepzibah with finger in bowl.jpg

Aunt Hepzibah is Esmeralda's younger aunt. She is a witch but very fashion conscious and a bit lazy.


Sidney The Spider

Sidney the spider is Esmeralda's special pet who travels around everywhere with her in her pocket and likes to help her.

Neville The Magpie


Neville the magpie is another resident of Cauldron Cottage. He likes shiny things and is likes to steal them.


Philbert The Cat

Philbert is the aunt's cat who lives with them in cauldron cottage.

Angus McPaws.jpg

Angus McPaw

Angus is Angela's dog, who is always hungry and likes going for walks.



Kristina Cooper

Jessica Cooper


Kristina is a journalist who edited Goodnews magazine for many years. She has been writing and telling stories since she was seven years old but this is her first children's book.

Jessica Bio.jpg

Jessica who is Kristina's niece, is a British fashion designer, living and working in Sweden. She has always loved hearing the Little Witch Stories and felt inspired to illustrate the book.

Meet The Author


I think the book is wonderful and can’t wait to be able to give to my granddaughter Scarlet, I know she’ll love it.

Well done, very colourful, creative and magical.


I loved the story about Esmeralda. I would like to read it 10 times again. I loved the story about the fund raising. I would like to have it at home. My best part was when they were helping to clean cars, vans and sell things

I think it was the best story I  ever heard! I absolutely loved it!



Class F3

The Manor Girls School Clapham


Class F3

The Manor Girls School Clapham

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Please do get in contact and tell us your "Readies" adventures or send us a review below


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