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How To Write A Thank You Letter


If Readies really want to get into granny’s good books or anybody’s really – get into the habit of writing thank-you letters! They will bring a lot of pleasure to the person who receives them, particularly if they are from the older generation, who grew up with this tradition. I admit they can be a bit of hard work. So, award yourself two ladybird stickers for each one you write!

When I was a child, we were always made to do this, after Christmas or birthdays. There were usually a few to write, and a bit of grumbling went on and complaining at what to say etc. But, I am glad I learnt to do this as it has been helpful to me in later life. If you have special notelets, you can use these or just an ordinary piece of paper is fine too.

If you are artistic, you could even do a drawing as well. This will bring extra pleasure and will be kept by granny or auntie for ages. As not too many children write thank-you letter today, they will be shocked, in a pleased kind of way and very proud of you and tell all their friends.


My brother’s godmother had a special formula for writing a good thank you letter, which I think is brilliant.

1.) Thank you for….. name the gift or the event if it was a party or a lunch.

2.) Say something nice about the gift/event even if you didn’t like it that much. For example:

Socks are always so useful! (not socks again!)

It must have taken you such a long time to knit (wonky knitted scarf!))

The food was delicious! (if it was)

It was so kind of you to invite us to tea. (if the food was terrible!)

Strawberries are my favourite!

3.) Share some bit of family news or something you are up to.

For example:

We are breaking up from school on Thursday, I can’t wait! Tammy, our cat had to go to the vet’s on Wednesday.

I came top in history! (only if you did!)

4.) Sign off.

Lots of love xx

Kristina Cooper's Blog, Author of "The Little Witch Who Wanted To Be Good"

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