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Readies News! May 2021 Edition


I am really excited as last weekend, an amazing family run shop called

ChalkBoard, (60, Northcote Road, London SW11 1PA) near where I live in South West London, has agreed to stock my book “The Little Witch Who Wanted To Be Good”.

The owners Chris and Giovanna, and all the shop assistants are just lovely, and definitely Readies! Their shop is a treasure trove of exciting, fun, toys with an educational twist. I spotted a really cool kit of small hammer, screwdriver etc – not just plastic but the real thing - for a Readie who might want to do handy work round the house.

There are a craft and puppet kits, and science toys and puzzles. The shop has a great community feel and children can try out the toys while busy parents can avail themselves of the presents wrapping service. Apparently Chris, even does magic tricks! So what’s stopping you? Their web site with opening hours and other useful info is

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